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Alternate Names: Valley of the Ancients

NPC Towns: Yukrovia

Official Biome: Extreme Hills

Growable Crops: Wheat, Beetroot

Growable Trees: Oak, Spruce

Raisable Animals: Chickens, Sheep 

North of the Snowglade Mountains, the rolling hills and icy rivers of the Yukrovian Highlands stretch from the Ice Forest in the west, all the way to the eastern coast of the Atheran continent. Long ago, the highlands were riddled with both Yukrovian and Valderkal settlements, often at odds with one another over territorial disputes. Following the long and bloody Battle of the Blue Valley, the Yukrov and Valderkal reached a peace accord, stating that neither group would claim ownership over the highlands. The Valderkal migrated south into (and beneath) the Snowglades, while the Yukrov people moved north to settle along the High Cliffs.