If you break a rule expect to receive a warning from a moderator. This may be verbal or through the warn command on the server. Either way you must respect the decision of the warden or you could likely end up in trouble. That said, if you feel a Warden is abusing their power please contact an admin immediately.

Description of Rank:

Wardens are the official chat moderators of the server. Their main job is to keep chat clean and civil. If someone is constantly spamming, they will ask them to stop. If a player is harassing other in chat or posting inappropriate messages, Wardens will step in.

That said, it is not a Wardens job to watch the chat like a hawk. If a person posts a single spam message, they can let it slide. We all want to have fun and often messages that would be considered spam are meant merely as jokes. No reason to get mad over a joke right?

It is important to remember that Wardens have the ability to mute, kick, and temp ban players who continue to break the rules. They also have the ability to send players to Purgatory as an alternate to banning to the above three methods.

Rank Commands:

  • /mute <player>
  • /unmute <player>
  • /tempban <player> <time>
  • /unban <player>
  • /kick <player>
  • /warn <player>