The Treaty of Telaria 

Signed by The Vantian Empire and Cirilia

131st day of Evermoon, 385 ACE

The Cirilian Independence War will end The Vantian Empire will Grant Independence to Cirilia 

The Vantian Empire will Renounce all claims to the Redfire Mesa, Goldwatch Plateau, Dunsmoor Hills, and Most of The Vantis Desert not bordering the river between Eastwind and Vantis Desert

The Vantian Empire may not collect any monetary reparations from Cirilia 

Trade between Cirilia and The Vantian Empire is halted  til 131st day of Evermoon, 388 ACE

Cirilia may not expand into the Vantis desert, Grey Isles, or Eastwind Desert.

Cirilia has complete Territorial Rights to the Redfire Mesa and Goldwatch Plateau

The Vantian Empire may not go to war or try to reannex any of its former holdings Any Action taken against Cirilia by The Vantian Empire will result in an occupation of Eastwind Desert and Goldwatch Plateau by Cirilian, Shen, and Telaria forces. 

The Vantian Empire must assume all Debt in Cirilia 

Before Cirilian Independence War After Cirilian Independence War
Before Cirilian Indepence War
After Cirilian Indepence War