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War Camps

War Camps are structures that can be used to initiate a Siege or just as a spawn point. War Camps behave exactly like Guard Towers when they are not involved in a Siege.

Declaring a Siege

Right-click the mob spawner inside the War Camp to select a town to siege. Once you select a town and begin the siege, the War Camp will apply the same protections that a town gets during a siege within a 24-block radius (cube) of the spawner.

Town Reinforcements

Most blocks cannot be broken by hand during a siege - an explosion is required. Certain intuitively-weak blocks will be able to be mined, such as dirt, sand, and glass. Obsidian will also have to be broken by hand.


  • TNT - Vanilla TNT behavior, destroys blocks.
  • Propellant TNT - Cheaper TNT that does no block damage, to be used as fuel for cannons.
  • Powder Keg - A portable explosive that is primed upon placement and behaves like vanilla TNT.

Siege Conditions

  • A prelude of 10 minutes will allow defenders to prepare for the siege.
  • After the prelude, block protections for the town will be disabled.
  • For the attackers, a cooldown of 1 second will be applied to placing blocks.
  • Attackers will only be able to build as high to the highest block inside the defending town.
  • Attackers will only be able to take some of your stored items.
  • Attackers will be given mining fatigue 2 within the defending town.

Post-Siege Conditions

  • The defending nation will be able to restore the sieged town for a fee.
  • Valuable blocks, such as diamond blocks, will not be restored.
  • Attackers will not be able to enter the defending towns territory for several hours after the siege.
  • The defending nation will also have a defender cooldown, during which they cannot be sieged.

"Hard Block" List

  • stone
  • stone slab
  • cobble
  • cobble stair
  • cobble slab
  • wood planks
  • wood stair
  • wood slab
  • wood2 planks
  • wood2 stair
  • wood2 slab
  • log
  • log2
  • sandstone
  • sandstone stair
  • sandstone slab
  • brick
  • brick stair
  • brick slab
  • mossy cobble
  • stonebrick
  • stonebrick stair
  • stonebrick slab
  • netherbrick
  • netherbrick stair
  • netherbrick slab
  • endstone
  • endstone brick
  • quartz
  • quartz stair
  • quartz slab
  • terracotta
  • colored terracotta
  • glazed terracotta
  • prismarines
  • hardened ice
  • redsandstone
  • redsandstone stair
  • redsandstone slab
  • purpur
  • purpur stair
  • purpur slab
  • purpur pillar
  • red netherbrick
  • concrete
  • crafting table
  • furnace
  • iron bars
  • dispenser
  • dropper
  • chest
  • hopper
  • observer
  • cobble wall
  • iron trapdoor
  • trapdoors
  • iron door
  • doors
  • wood fence
  • wood fencegate
  • wood2 fence
  • wood2 fencegate