Making a Nation

Nations are the first step to building your empire on Atlas! Once you found your Nation, you can found as many Towns within it as you can afford. The only requirement to founding a Nation is having 100 gems - once you've acquired that, simply use the command /nation found <name>.

Nation Commands

  • /nation help: This brings up a list of all the available commands for you to use. Furthermore, if you type /nation <command> help, or just /nation <command> it will bring up a description in game of what each command does.
  • /nation found <name>: Allows you to found a new nation with the specified name.
  • /nation invite <>: Invites a player to join your nation.
  • /nation uninvite <>: Uninvites a player from your nation.
  • /nation accept: Allows you to accept an invite and join a nation.
  • /nation align: Sets your alignment with other nations according to how you feel about them. You can either align them friendly, neutral, or hostile. When pressing tab, the colors of player names will change based on what alignment your nation has with theirs.
    • Anyone in green text is a person in your nation.
    • Anyone in blue text has been aligned friendly with your nation.
    • Anyone in yellow text is marked as neutral to your nation.
    • Anyone in red text is marked as hostile to your nation.
    • Anyone still in white text currently has no nation: try to recruit them to yours!
  • /nation disband: CAUTION! This will delete your nation and all towns associated with it! You will be asked to confirm if you want to disband your nation.
  • /nation list: Lists all the current nations of Atlas and all the towns within them.
  • /nation listmembers: Lists all of the current members in your nation, and the ranks associated with them, Rank 20 being the highest rank.
  • /nation listguests: Lists the guests of a nation.
  • /nation deposit <value>: Deposits an amount of gems into your nation’s coffers based on how much you have in your inventory. Gems will be used for the purchase of new lands for your town, and for the upkeep of that land.
  • /nation withdraw <value>: Withdraws an amount of gems from your nation’s coffers based on the specified amount given.
  • /nation rank: Allows you to rank players in your nation, Rank 20 being the highest [defaulted as the founder of the nation] and Rank 1 being the lowest.
    • Rank 3 and up lets you build in a nation.
    • Rank 10 and up lets you manage plots, invite people, and change alignments.
    • Rank 15 and up lets you found new towns, change nation settings, and change people's ranks.
  • /nation kick <>: Kicks a player from your nation.
  • /nation leave: Allows you to leave a nation, becoming a wanderer once again.
  • /nation rename: Allows you to rename a nation.