In addition to the vanilla mobs that spawn throughout the world, there are several extra-dangerous Mythic Mobs that spawn randomly in certain regions. Mythic Mobs have special abilities and are significantly harder to kill than normal mobs, but have a chance to drop extra experience and/or unique Mythic Loot that can be sold to vendors in NPC Towns!


Spawns in: Oceans

Mythic Loot: Leviathan Eggs

Forest Spiders

Spawns in: Odera Forest

Mythic Loot: Venom Glands


Spawns in: The Wraithwood

Mythic Loot: Ectoplasm

Shen Mutants

Spawns in: The Grey Isles

Mythic Loot: Strange Spores

Swamp Ogres

Spawns in: The Ancient Glade

Mythic Loot: Ogre Teeth

Brain Slimes

Spawns in: Zarakam Jungle

Mythic Loot: Brainslime

Dire Wolves

Spawns in: Snowglade Mountains

Mythic Loot: Dire Wolf Pelts

Dunsmoor Stalkers

Spawns in: Dunsmoor Hills

Mythic Loot: Stalker Pelts

Elemental Spirits

Spawns in: Redfire Mesa, Odera Forest, The Ice Forest, Yukrovian Highlands

Mythic Loot: Wind Essence, Fire Essence, Frost Essence, Earth Essence, Wood Essence


Spawns in: Plains of An'she

Mythic Loot: None (chance to drop Emeralds)

Vantian Warlords (coming soon)

Spawns in: Vantis Desert

Mythic Loot: Cirilian Gold