Players may train in one of three schools of Magic on Atlas: Elemental, Holy, or Unholy. Each school of magic has its own unique array of spells, only available to mages who have studied in that type of spellcasting.

Once a player has chosen to train in a particular school of magic, they are bound to it. Players may only advance and buy wands of their chosen magic type.

To begin studying the ways of magic, speak with Archmage Rholla at the Mages' Guild in Nauru.


All spells on Atlas are bound to Wands, which become unlocked for purchase from NPCs as players advance through their magic training.

Right-clicking with a wand in hand will change your hotbar to the Spells Menu - listing all spells the wand contains. (Currently, only Beginner Wands are available, which contain 1 spell.) You can also see your spells' cooldown counter from this menu. Right-clicking again will return your hotbar to normal.

Left-clicking with a wand will cast the currently equipped spell. More powerful spells will have a longer cooldown.

Players may only use wands belonging to their chosen school of magic, even if they are acquired from other players.

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