To help traverse the massive world of Atlas, there are several methods of transportation that players can use for fast travel:


There are two ships in Nauru that players can take for free. The white-sailed ship goes to Athera, the main continent of Atlas where players can build. The green-sailed ship goes to the islands of Pahutanga and Jagged Cay on certain event days.

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Every NPC town in Athera has a fast-travel route available to use, from either a Dockmaster or Caravan Driver NPC. Most routes go to and from Telaria, though a few are available from the airship in Nauru.

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There are also a few hidden fast travel routes on Atlas that are obtainable from completing quests! Players may not use fast travel of any kind if they have any contraband items in their inventory.

The longer the route, the more expensive it is:

Town 1 Town 2 Cost
Telaria Port Qi'Shen 50g
Telaria Kimara Village 25g
Telaria Takental 35g
Telaria The Wraithhold 50g
Telaria The Crossing 25g
Telaria Karagport 50g
Telaria Eastwind 80g
Telaria Yukrovia 80g
Telaria Beswin 65g
Telaria Dead Man's Cove 50g
Nauru Cirilia 100g
Nauru Drakonfell Prison 100g