The main currency on Atlas is Gems. Gems are a physical item that will take up space in your inventory, so be careful when carrying them around with you!

Making Money

Gems can be obtained by completing quests and selling materials to merchants throughout Atlas. Every NPC town has at least one ore merchant at which players can exchange their ores for gems.

Merchant prices fluctuate throughout Athera, based on regional resources. Various NPC towns contain merchants that will purchase manufactured goods from players in exchange for gems (books, potions, armor, etc.)


Dynamic Economy

Certain shops throughout Atlas have static, unchanging prices (Ore Merchants, Lumber Merchants, Siege Engineers, Dungeon Vendors, and Fishmongers.)

Most other shops throughout Atlas have dynamic pricing that will change depending on the merchant's stock. The more stock there is of a particular item, the lower the buy/sell prices become. The lower a stock gets, the rarer the item becomes, and the higher the buy/sell price gets!


While Ender Chests are disabled on Atlas, such storage is available to players via the Bankers present in every NPC town. Players may access their 9-slot vault to deposit or withdraw non-stackable items. The items stored in a player's vault are accessible from any NPC town's Banker.