Our custom-coded chat plugin allows players to easily join, manage, and create their own chat channels! To get started, simply type /ch in-game to see your current channels. You can mute and unmute channels from this chat window menu as well.

All default channels have a single-letter hotkey to allow players to switch to it instantly:

  • /ch g - Global Chat
  • /ch l - Local Chat
  • /ch n - Nation Chat

Players can create their own chat channels with the command /ch <number> <name>. The number assigned must be greater than 100, and must not be in use by another player already.

(ex. /ch 107 MyChannel will create MyChannel. You could then switch to it by typing /ch 107 or /ch MyChannel.)

Channels you create cannot be searched by other players, so only share your custom channel info with those you want accessing it!