The world of Atlas can be a large and daunting place - but with Cartography, you can navigate the sprawling map with ease! The only item you'll need is your trusty Cartographer's Compass, which you'll receive immediately upon arriving in Nauru for the first time. You can also type /cartography at any time to have it put in your inventory. You can always type /cartography help to see more info on how the mechanic works.

Cartographer's Compass

The premiere navigational tool for all travelers of Atlas! Like the quest journal, the Cartographer's Compass is an "infinite item" - meaning that when it is dropped out of your inventory (either manually or by player death) it will disappear into thin air. To get the compass back in your inventory, simply type /cartography.

The compass has 3 main functions that players can switch between:

Death Point

Selecting this option will point the compass towards your last death location.

NPC Towns

Every NPC Town has a waypoint that can be unlocked by visiting the town and speaking with the Cartographer there. Once an NPC town waypoint has been unlocked, you can see its coordinates, as well as select that town as a waypoint for your compass to point towards.

Custom Waypoints

Travelers can create and set their own waypoints anywhere on Atlas, using 1 of 2 commands:

  • /cartography here <name> - Creates a waypoint at the player's current location.
  • /cartography <X> <Z> <name> - Creates a waypoint at the entered X and Z coordinates.

Text color codes also work when entering custom waypoint names!