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Atlas has over 100 different types of unique fish! Catching normal fish is the same as anywhere else. But to catch better quality fish, players will need to utilize an advanced form of fishing, called Angling.

To learn more about Angling, speak with Alabaster at the docks in Nauru.


Using an Angler Rod (available for purchase from any Fishmonger NPC), players can hold any type of consumable item in their offhand to be used as Bait. Certain types of fish will respond to certain types of bait - determining which is up to the player to discover! Fish can be drawn to multiple different types of bait - however, the more rare a fish is, the more specific its bait preferences will be.

Regional Fish

Each region of Atlas has several species of fish that are native to that region, and thus may only be caught in that particular area.

Fishmonger prices are standard across all of Atlas. The rarer a fish is, the more it will sell for.